Steve Brown

I came back to drawing and painting after a very long break. I originally studied Graphic Design after I left school at 16 but never pursued a career in that direction. In 2004, I picked up some brushes again for about a year but life took over and I drifted away from anything artistic. I came back to art again in 2014 when I joined EDBAS after looking locally for a group which wasn’t trying to be exclusive and too serious. I’ve enjoyed art again and with the support of the individuals of EDBAS it’s been a great journey so far. It’s a chatty, humourous and sometimes lively group which I really like and find inspiring.

Most of the time I focus on acrylics but have been known to use watercolours (I’ve not ventured into the world of oil paints yet!). It’s taken a while to find the subjects I like to paint, and recently have found something I enjoy with animals and portraiture. I’m also interested in figure drawing although that’s something I haven’t explored a great deal yet but have plans to move towards this soon. My artwork tends to be more representational than abstract although I do like most styles of art.

You can find more of my recent work on my Instagram account stevus1970 (opens in a new window).